Quick-drying anticorrosion primer for precoating of metal and wooden surfaces before coating with alkyd-based, acrylic-based and other materials. Intended for priming of ferrous materials’ surfaces, as well as some non-ferrous metals before application of alkyd-based, acrylic-based and other finish coats. Is recommended for metal structures, fences, pipes, radiators, different interior metal elements and other surfaces. Due to high coverage considerably reduces the consumption of finish paint materials and provides durable protection of surface against corrosion and rust.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Efficient protection against rust, influence of salts and oils;
  • High adhesion to metal surfaces;
  • Excellent anticorrosion properties, saving consumption;
  • Reduces consumption of finish paint materials;
  • Quick-drying, easy to apply and grind;
  • Stands up temperature difference from – 45 °С to + 60 °С;
  • Doesn’t contain the compounds of extremely hazardous heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chrome VІ).

Application of the product

Primer shall be thoroughly mixed, and if necessary – thinned with solvent to application viscosity. For firstly-painted surfaces: remove dust, dirt and grease. Primer shall be applied in one layer with further surface grinding before applying the finish paint coat. For renovation of previously painted surfaces: remove the particles of flaked old coating and degrease the surface. Considerably damaged coatings shall be completely removed. During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated. Use rubber gloves for hands protection. Instrument cleaning: dearomatized thinner ТМ Мікs color. Keep away from fire!


3 hours (film polymerization)


0.9kg, 2.8kg, 12kg, 25kg


10 – 15 m2/kg, per one-layer coating, depending on application method and surface type

Consumption calculator