Primer VL-02 Phosphating

Primer VL – 02 Phosphating for ferrous- and non-ferrous’ metal surfaces prior to finish paint materials’ application.
Consists of two components: base and acid diluent.

Main characteristics of the product

  • High adhesion and mechanical durability;
  • Excellent anticorrosion properties;
  • Ideal for non-ferrous metals;
  • Quick drying, efficient surface protection.

Application of the product

Recommended for priming of all ferrous- and non-ferrous metal surfaces before painting, also before applying auto paints and varnishes.
Before application, the acid diluent shall be added to the primer base at the ratio 4:1 by weight, thoroughly mixed and hold for 30 minutes.
Thinner: RFG solvent, xylene


15 minutes


1 kg (0,8 kg base + 0,2 kg acid diluent)


10 -12 m2/kg, per one-layer coating depending on surface type

Consumption calculator