Priming Enamel 3 in 1 Antic

Special anticorrosion priming enamel for protection and decoration of metal surfaces inside and outside the premises. Intended for clean and rust surfaces of ferrous- and some non-ferrous metals, exposed to weather impacts and workloads. Recommended for finish coloring of fences, roofs, equipment components, different interior metal elements, wooden, mineral, plastered and other surfaces.

Main characteristics of the product

  • 3 in 1:
    • Accentuates color and natural texture of wood;
    • rust solvent;
    • anticorrosion primer;
    • decorative enamel;
  • Can be applied on strong rust up to 50 μm;
  • Stands up temperature differences from – 40 °С to +80 °С;
  • To create“forge” effect.

Application of the product

Priming enamel shall be thoroughly mixed, and if necessary – thinned with xylene to application viscosity. For firstly-painted surfaces: remove dust, dirt and grease. Can be applied on strong rust up to 50 μm. Priming enamel shall be applied with brush, roller or paint sprayer. At 2-layer painting the priming enamel shall be put “wet” on “wet” with an interlayer interval no more than 30 min. For renovation of previously painted surfaces: remove brittle rust, particles of flaked old coating, grind and degrease the surface. Considerably damaged coatings shall be completely removed. During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated. Use rubber gloves for hands protection. Instrument cleaning: xylene. Keep away from fire!


1 hour (complete film polymerization – 24 hours)


0,75 l


7,5 – 15 m2/l, per one-layer coating depending on color and surface type

Consumption calculator