To reduce the viscosity of MIKS color primer-enamel 3 in 1 with a hammer effect, paints for concrete surfaces. It is allowed to use a thinner for diluting other paint and varnish materials according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, including when applied by spraying. It can also be used for degreasing metal and other surfaces before painting and for cleaning work tools..

Main characteristics of the product

  • Thinner based on a mixture of volatile organic solvents;
  • Does not contain precursors and narcotic substances.

Application of the product

When diluted:

The thinner is added to the paint material in small portions, with thorough mixing, until the required consistency of the material is obtained. The amount of thinner added to paint materials depends on the method of application and the required viscosity of the paint.

When degreasing:

The surface is wiped with a cloth slightly moistened with thinner, while the thinner does not leave oily spots on the surface.

When working with thinner, make sure to wear personal protective equipment for the respiratory organs and hands, such as rubber gloves and a respirator. It is important to work in a well-ventilated room. Keep away from fire!


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