Acrylic solvent-borne paint for concrete floors and other mineral surfaces inside and outside the premises.
Intended for concrete floors and other mineral surfaces inside and outside the premises.
Recommended for finish coloring of concrete and cement floors and other mineral surfaces in industrial and other premises, and for coloring of metal and wooden floors in dry premises.

Main characteristics of the product

  • High abrasion- and weather-resistance;
  • Forms durable and elastic coating, not cracking over time;
  • Resistant to water, detergents, salts and oils;
  • Excellent coverage, saving consumption;
  • Stands up temperature differences up to – 10 °С;
  • Intense color, quick-drying, easily applied.

Application of the product

New coatings: new concrete surfaces before coloring shall be matured from 4 to 5 weeks.
The surface shall be cleaned of dust, oil and other contaminations.
To achieve the best result, the surface before coloring shall be primed with Universal Impregnation ТМ Мікs color or varnish for stone ТМ Мікs color in one coat.
Before application the paint shall be thoroughly mixed and thinned with solvent to working viscosity (for first layer – up to 20%). It is recommended to apply 2 coats with 5 – 6-hours interval.
For renovation of previously painted surfaces: the particles of old flaked coating shall be completely removed, the surface, if possible, shall be grinded and primed. The paint shall be applied in two coats with 5 – 6-hours interval.
The use of painted surface is allowed in 5 days after paint drying.
During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated.
Use rubber gloves for hands protection.
Instrument cleaning: dearomatized thinner ТМ Мікs color.
Keep away from fire!


1 hour


3 kg, 12 kg, 25 kg


6 – 8 m2/kg, per one-layer coating depending on surface type

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