High-quality acrylic Gel-Lazur for efficient protection and decorative finishing of wood inside and outside the premises.
Intended for protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces of wood and derived materials: lining, chip boards, wooden siding. Tints the wood, protects of wearing and ageing when exposed to water and UV-radiation. Recommended for wooden facades, blockhouses, fences, garden furniture, interior elements and other articles, wooden constructions.
Can be applied as toning agent prior to acrylic varnishes.
Not recommended as an independent coating:

  • for surfaces with high workloads (floors, stairs etc.);
  • for surfaces outside the premises – clear «Gel-Lazur».

Main characteristics of the product

  • Tints the wood, accentuates the natural texture;
  • Provides effective UV-protection;
  • Resistant to weather impacts and temperature differences;
  • Ecologically safe material, odourless, quick-drying;
  • Forms silky-gloss coating;
  • Easy application due to gel texture, doesn’t flow down the brush.

Application of the product

«Gel-Lazur» is ready to use, before application – mix thoroughly and hold till air bubbles elimination.
For firstly-painted surfaces: grind, remove dust and other contaminations.
If necessary, the surface shall be coated with Universal antiseptic TM Miks color.
«Gel-Lazur» shall be evenly applied in 2-3 coats, avoiding runs. Surface grinding between the coats shall be done with thin fine-grained polishing paper Р 220 – Р 360. Interlayer interval: 2-3 hours.
To get less intense color, it is recommended to add clear Gel-Lazur to the color one, in the amount of up to 30%.
For renovation of previously painted surfaces: remove particles of old flaked coating, grind and clean the surface of dust and dirt. Considerably damaged coating shall be completely removed.
During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated.
Use rubber gloves to protect hands.
Instrument cleaning: water with detergent.


3 hours


0.8 l, 2.5 l


7 – 10 m2/l (for slicewood), for one-layer coating, depending on surface type

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