Pore Filler “VL-10”

Pore Filler “VL-10” for coating of wooden surfaces in order to fill the pores before application of finish paint materials.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Considerably reduces consumption of finishing materials;
  • Forms smooth napless surface;
  • Quick-drying, easily applied;
  • Efficiently fills the pores of wood.

Application of the product

Before application with Pore Filler “VL-10”, coate the surface with Universal Impregnation ТМ Мікs color, if necessary.
Mix thoroughly before application, remove dust and dirt and apply in 1-2 layers on the surface.
During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated.
Use rubber gloves for hands protection.
Instrument cleaning – dearomatized thinner ТМ Мікs color.


1,5 hours


2.1 kg


9 – 11 m2/kg per one-layer coating depending on color, application method and surface type

Consumption calculator