Matt interior resistant paint

Matt interior paint with high coverage, resistant to washing and wet wiping.
For painting of walls, ceilings in wet and dry rooms, and other surfaces that are subject to periodic washing with non-abrasive detergents. It is used for primary and repairing painting of plastered, concrete, brick and mineral surfaces as well as plasterboard, chip board or fiber panels, wall-paper from fiber glass and paintable wall-paper. It is allowed for use in children’s pre-school and school institutions, as well as medical and other institutions.

Main characteristics of the product

  • High coverage;
  • Resistant to washing and wet wiping;
  • High vapor permeability, allows the surface to “breathe”;
  • Suitable for different types of surface;
  • Environmentally friendly, odorless;
  • Dries quickly, easy to apply;
  • Low consumption, elastic coating;
  • Resistance to wet abrasion – class 1 according to EN 13300.

Application of the product

The paint is ready for use, mix thoroughly before application. If necessary, dilute with water in an amount of up to 5% by weight of the paint for brush or roller application, up to 10% for spray application and 15-20% for airless spray application. Apply the paint in 1-2 layers with a brush, roller or sprayer, avoiding streaks. Interlayer interval: 2-4 hours. For the renewal of previously painted surfaces remove the dust, dirt, grease, old peeling paint from the surface. If necessary, level the surface with acrylic putties, dry, sand and remove the dust. Insufficiently strong surfaces that crumble and chalk, as well as surfaces with inhomogeneous absorbing properties have to be applied with universal impregnation «MIKS color». Use rubber gloves to protect hands. Cleaning the tools – water with the detergent.


2 hours


1 l, 5 l, 10 l


12 – 15 m²/l depending on the type and preparation of the surface and type of application

Consumption calculator