Paint for walls and ceilings, washing-resistant

Acrylic paint for walls and ceilings, washing-resistant, for decorative-protective finishing of surfaces inside the premises.v
Intended for all types of mineral plasters, concrete, fiber boards, fiberglass wallpaper, embossed wallper, old coatings on the basis of water-borne paints.
Recommended for coloring walls, ceilings, gypsum board constructions, wallpaper and other surfaces, exposed to considerable workloads and periodic washing in wet and dry premises.
Allowed for use in preschool and school institutions, as well as hospitals and other institutions.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Excellent coverage;
  • Excellent resistance to washing and wet abrasion (2 class);
  • Vapor-permeable, allows the surface «breathe»;
  • Suitable for most surface types;
  • Ideal white color, not yellowing over time;
  • Quick-drying, easily applied;
  • Ecologically safe material, odourless;
  • Saving consumption;
  • Corresponds to European standard EN 13300.

Application of the product

Paint is ready to use, mix thoroughly to homogeneous state before work. If necessary – dilute with water (max. 10%). For firstly-painted surfaces: remove dust and other contaminations. For better result the surface shall be coated with Universal Impregnation ТМ Мікs color. The paint shall be applied evenly, in 2 coats with a brush, roller or paint sprayer, avoiding the runs. Interlayer interval: 2 – 3 hours. For renovation of previously painted surfaces: remove particles of old flaked coating, clean the surface of dust and dirt. Considerably damaged coating shall be completely removed. The surface shall be coated with Universal Impregnation TM Miks color. During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated. Use rubber gloves to protect hands. Instrument cleaning – water with detergent.


2 hours


1.4 kg, 4.2 kg, 7 kg, 14 kg


5 – 7 m2/kg per one-layer coating depending on the surface type

Consumption calculator