Universal impregnation

Universal impregnation for strengthening of porous concrete, cement, lime and other mineral surfaces prior to coating with finish paint materials.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Considerably reduces paint consumption;
  • Improves adhesion, water- and weather-resistance of coating;
  • Deeply penetrates, strengthens porous surface;
  • Stabilizes the absorbing properties of surface;
  • Saving consumption, efficient protection;
  • Ecologically safe material.

Application of the product

Intended for porous mineral and other surfaces prior to further painting inside and outside the premises. Recommended for priming of gypsum board-, concrete, cement, wooden and other absorbing surfaces.
During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated. Use rubber gloves for hands protection. Instrument cleaning – water.


Instantly absorbed by surface


1 l, 5 l, 10 l


4 – 6 m²/l per one-layer coating depending on the surface type

Consumption calculator

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