Get the best out of your paint!

Get the best out of your paint!

Let’s reduce the paint consumption and increase the durability of the wall coating.

When painting the surfaces in our home it is important to properly primer them before applying the final finish to them. Why is it worth it to prime the walls?

After dubbing and sanding the surfaces, a layer of dust remains on the wall, which can be difficult to remove. The primer binds the dust particles and strengthens the surface on which the paint will be later applied. This improves adhesion and keeps the paint securely on the surface. Furthermore, good adhesion increases the life durability of the coating, making it last longer over time. If you do not prime the wall, the paint will stick to the dust and this coating will not last as long as it should. Due to the fact that the primer penetrates deep into the pores and fills them, the paint evenly distributes and equally gets absorbed by the surface, which reduces the amount of paint we need. In addition, its color will be uniform across the surface.

Universal impregnation Miks color will strengthen porous concrete, cement-lime, and other mineral surfaces before applying finishing paints and varnishes. Universal impregnation is ready for use, but when treating surfaces with poor absorption, it can be diluted or thinned with water.

Painting with water-dispersion materials can be carried out not earlier than 5 hours after priming. Universal impregnation Miks color is an environmentally friendly material, but we recommend ventilating the room and using rubber gloves when applying.