Acrylic varnish for decorative-protective finishing of wooden and mineral surfaces inside the premises.
Intended for coloring of wooden surfaces, panels, fiberboards, chipboards, MDF, as well as mineral bodies and wallpaper, previously coated with acrylic paints.
Recommended for wood-cased walls and ceilings, decorative panels and other interior elements in the premises.
Not recommended for varnishing of windows and doors.

Main characteristics of the product

  • Accentuates color and natural texture of wood;
  • Resistant to water and detergents;
  • Protects wood against contaminations and moisture;
  • Ecologically safe material, odourless;
  • Quick drying, easy application;
  • Saving consumption, can be toned.

Application of the product

New coatings: Mix thoroughly before application (mix along the can’s walls, not to entrap air and cause varnish foaming), hold within 15 min., if necessary – dilute with water in the amount max. 5 % from varnish volume.
For better result, before varnish application coat the surface with one layer of Universal Impregnation ТМ Мікs color.
The varnish shall be applied in two coats with 5-6-hour interval with surface grinding after each coat.
In liquid state the varnish is milk-white, after drying it forms clear elastic film.
For renovation of previously painted surfaces: the particles of old flaked coating shall be completely removed, the surface, if necessary, shall be grinded and primed. The varnish shall be applied in two coats with 5-6-hour interval.
During the work and afterwards the premises shall be thoroughly ventilated. Use rubber gloves for hands protection.
Instrument cleaning: water with detergent.


3 hours (film polymerization)


0,75 l; 2,5 l; 10 l


10 – 12 m2/l per one-layer coating, depending on surface type

Consumption calculator