About the Company & Brand

Miks color is an Ukrainian architectural coating brand which’s products are distinguished by high quality and affordable price. The selected product range includes construction coatings, coatings for wood, coatings for metal, and a selection of coatings for special purposes.

You partner for any surface and construction phase

Miks color products are designed with our customers in mind. They offer solutions for all types of surfaces and all phases of work – from the surface protection to universal decorative coatings. With a wide selection of shades and individual possibility of coloring, Miks products can satisfy every, even the most demanding needs.

Our goal – satisfaction of our customers

To meet the needs of our customers is our ultimate goal. While creating Miks products we aspire to satisfy the demands and wishes of our customers. Finding the perfect balance between high quality, convenience of use, ecological friendly products and procedures, and optimal prices – are the main tasks of Miks team.

The significant experience of our specialists combined with modern European innovations are embodied in the Miks color products.

An important part of bigger picture

Miks is an important part of Helios Ukraine – a national manufacturer of coatings for all surfaces. The company is located in Cherkasy and is historically related to the Aurora paint and varnish plant, which was the predecessor of Helios Ukraine.

Using its own production facilities, Helios Ukraine can offer best product solutions in all segments. Every stage of production is controlled and due to availability of resources, company can offer quick response and service to its customers.

Attention to the details and professionalism

Continuous improvement of all processes and raising the professional level of employees is the mission ​​of Helios Ukraine. That is why we invest and monitor the training and internships of our specialists in Europe, additionally all products and recipes are tested by R&D laboratory, as well as quality control lab.

The company has implemented an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. This allows to ensure the production of the quality products, as well as to monitor the environment friendly production.

The company’s technologists participated in the development of governmental standards for water-dispersion materials (DSTU ISO 13300, DSTU ISO 1062-1), which correspond to European analogues.

With all the procedures, processes, and commitments in our operations, we strive to become a modern company that relies on innovation and operates sustainably.

As part of KANSAI HELIOS group, which became the European center for innovation and research for one of the largest manufacturers of coatings in the world, KANSAI PAINT, Helios Ukraine and therefore also Miks share the access to the world’s advanced technologies and raw materials market, which results constant modernization and improvement of production equipment.