Helios Ukraine company expands the product line of TM Miks color

Helios Ukraine company expands the product line of TM Miks color

Just before the beginning of the autumn season, the production of new Miks color paint for garden trees and bushes has started in the Helios plant in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Every provident gardener wants their trees and shrubs in the yard to be healthy and well protected. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of painting tree trunks in the autumn and spring.

There is one opinion that states that trees should be painted in spring but providing trees with proper protection in autumn is actually more important, as it will help to protect the garden in the winter from temperature fluctuations and pests that are seeking shelter in trees trunks before winter arrives.

The advantage of Miks color paint over slaked lime, which is traditionally used to treat trees in Ukraine and uses special formula. Miks color paint contains special antifungal and antimicrobial additives that prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

The paint is recommended for fruit and ornamental trees, although some consumers also use it for painting other garden premises to provide relatively low-cost antiseptic protection of the surfaces, as well as for painting the street curbs.

As opposed to slacken lime, our paint does not absorb moisture from the tree trunk and does not disrupt the natural means of the trees.

The paint can be applied by brush, sprayer, or roller (with a sponge or long-pilled header), in the absence of high wind, freezing temperatures, or atmospheric precipitations. The paint can be applied in 1-2 layers from the bottom upwards – from the roots to the tree crone.

The paint is non-flammable and does not contain toxic compounds.

It is a completely ready-to-use product and does not require any additional components. Economical consumption 3.0-3.5 m2 / kg depending on the type and condition of the surface. For customer’s usability, Helios Ukraine sells the paint in packaging of 3 kg, 12 kg, 22 kg.

The new paint for garden trees and shrubs Miks color is already available for customers in Helios Ukraine dealer’s network.